Fashion is not just wearing trendy clothes but also grooming one’s personality and also presenting it. Fashion is also maintaining perfect balance between clothes accessories, hairstyle and makeup but many people do not realise this thing. It has always been the efforts of all fashion designers Indian and international to make the people realise the need for harmony between dressing and the accessory needed.

Bodily no one is perfect sometimes people have good height but complexion is dark, fair complexion but short height. But it is the work of fashion designers to highlight the best features of person and disguise the flaws with perfect dressing, accessories and the right grooming.

Fashion designers on the international platform have bought a storm in the fashion world with unique variety of dresses and accessories. Each and every designer is unique with his/her own set of unique collection. This industry always welcome new talent but also give due respect to old ones.

Let us have a look at the top 10 international fashion designers that have contributed to this fashion industry with their stunningly unique creations and extraordinary style statement—-


He is one the most famous fashion designers in France who is famous for his ready to wear fashion clothing line. He was the first designer to introduce power suits in the year 1966. Also he is popular in fashion circles due to his very unique style of dresses both for men and women. Most people just love him for artistic creations.


One of the most successful women fashion designer in this fashion industry is Donatella Versace. She was born in ITALY and is famous globally for her talent. A graduate from Florence University she entered in this industry to help her brother Gianni but the tragic death of her brother in 1997 compelled her to take over the Versace label. Since her take over thanks to her uniqueness that has taken Versace label to new heights of success. Her superb collection includes clothes, fragrances accessories. Madonna and Jennifer Lopez have endorsed her collections.


She is an outstanding fashion designer born in France her full name is Gabrielle coco Bonheur chanel she was a founder renowned chanel brand. Her uniqueness is practical designs, modern approach and creative thoughts made her influential person of 20th century as her name was included in times 100. Her creative designs brought revolution in the fashion industry. She was known for her channel suits her style statement for women.

4—- Giorgio Armani—-

He is truly a living legend and an outstanding fashion designer Armani is one of the most popular and sort after style guru of this industry. Mainly popular for his clean, well cut and well-designed suits that have given a new meaning to a designer wear collection. He is one of the most successful designers with an annual turnover of over $ 2 billion. He launched his Armani brand in 1974 with men’s wear but 1975 he launched women wear. He is also the first designer to ban models with body mass under 18.

5—-Christian Dior—-Born in 1905 in France was an influential fashion designer known for his creative intelligence, unique and unusual designs that gave him a winning edge over other designers making him a versatile and globally accepted designer. The Christian Dior brand is very much famous for his exquisite French fashion style with its base in Paris he bought a revolution in women attire after World War II.

6—-Calvin Klein—-He is popularly known as Calvin the conqueror. He is also known as biggest fashion rival of Ralph Lauren born in 1942 in New York USA. He is known for his lean good looks and charismatic personality. He has also listed in the times as one of the influential people in USA. Starting with the humble beginning in the industry Calvin has created a niche with his creative and modest designs. He is known for his kids clothing, jeans, underwear, sleepwear, swimwear, watches and fragrances.

To sum up there are so many other designers who are famous for their haute couture collections are Pierre Cardin, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Tom Ford. Though they are so many fashion designers in this fashion industry but these fashion designers they have made a position for themselves in this industry.

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