I eagerly wait for Christmas. It is one of my favourite time of the year. With all the bling and shine, happiness and laughter the surroundings become super lively and exciting.

The festival sometimes troubles me too, that when I have to choose the dresses. In today’s digital world where every event is safely preserved in photographs and regularly  posted in the social media, we tend not to repeat our dresses. I have a huge friend circle. Everyone hosts Christmas parties and naturally I attend all. Sometimes I feel shy to share the same type of outfit, leave alone the same one.

While I had a chat with some of my girl friends I realized0 they face the same problem . So I have come up with a small ..umm… you can say.. list of different outfits you can wear this Christmas. These are different, comfortable and extremely attractive.

Skirt with blouse :- You are going to the first event of the Christmas, the midnight mass. You cannot overdo the dressing, and neither can you look a little less. To take you out of this mess, skirts are there. Ankle length skirts in bright colors are the best for such occasion. Choose the skirt in light colors like white, Baby pink or teal. The blouse you choose can be dark coloured. Actually it would be good if colors like, maroon, black and dark blue are topped with such skirts. It will help highlight the glow to the face and supplement the merry ambience of the church inside.

You can always experiment with colors..

A sober maxi – Maxi are never out of fashion. Chic, fashionable, comfortable and simple. It caters to all the categories. Maxi is also a perfect outfit idea for a church mass or a midnight Christmas dinner. The knee length maxi will help you from freezing and will add to your sparkle . The colors can be dark to light as per the accessories you choose. I prefer black . It sparkles amidst the lights, decoration and the merriment.

Jumpsuit– I love the  very concept of jumpsuits. It is stress free in terms of  matching the colors of bottoms with top. You can wear whatever you like with a jumpsuit while experimenting with the accessories. Jumpsuits are super comfortable and can be carried off effortlessly. I have included the jumpsuit for such merry picnic parties here. The jumpsuit would match the mood of the festival. Merry, carefree, holidays and casual. Jumpsuits look both casual and stylist as you wear it. And regarding patterns and colors, Wine and coral colors are in trend. It will help you steal the shine.

A trendy jumpsuit…

Gown – A date party or a family dinner out, gowns are best for it. For Christmas, when we are celebrating the happiness with candles and Santa caps, gown is my favourite. It is best to wear it in a dinner date or a friends outing, which has a lots of pictures and updates and excitement. Try red color for the gown. You will look Christmas ready instantly.

Sequined dress– What is a celebration without some bling, shine and glitter. The sky is lit with stars and the earth with the bright festival lights. There is no reason why we don’t follow the line. Take that sequined dress out which you have reserved for clubs. There are more occasion to it. Pair the sequin dress with a fur scarf and you will look hot in the chilly winters. The dress can be knee length or ankle length. The length won’t matter . We can always experiment with the pattern.

      The glittery you.

LBD – A little black dress is perfect for any occasion, any theme and any season. But because it’s a Christmas party , you can pair it with red hat or red head gear and a long pair of boots. Who said Santa cannot dress in black. Take a big handbag and go on ho.. ho.. ho…


Merry Christmas!!!

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