Finally, this year too passed to make way for  2018. It is quite surprising, how the year 2017 passed in a blink of an eye. The season changed, people changed and so did the fashion. There are some really cool trends that were and are going to take the fashion by storm in the coming year.

Though fashion has no definition as fashion is different for everybody. But there are some trends which are followed by everyone when it hits the market. Let’s take a look at the trends that may allure the masses to follow them in  2018.

Monochrome– While I was surfing the net for the outfit I should opt for the new year party, the designer which caught my attention was Max Mara with the monochrome style. That is; one color  all over.  I really liked different styles in different shades of red, green and pink to start with. I am certain that you can pick it up without doubt for all the parties you are going to attend. P.S. I also came across the same trends in Paris and New York Fashion Week.

Designers like Mam Mara presented monochrome in Milan Fashion Week

Shimmer/ sequins – Shimmer and sequins were started as patch work to give various outfits a type of party look. But rapidly, it attracted designers to prepare overalls with it. Today it is ruling the fashion world. Sequins and shimmer are the first choices in parties and clubs, but it’s also a good option for functions and beach hangouts. I had bought few sequined dresses in the apprehensions that It may not be in trend the next year and so Ill flaunt it as much as I can now. You never know it may vanish from the stores next year. But no, the stores are still decked up with all sorts of sequins; skirts, dresses, tops, jackets, and whatnot. This is really going to transform the wardrobes in coming months. Sequins were raging trends in the designers choice in Paris and New York fashion week.

New York fashion week

Black and white –  There is no color other than black when it comes to choosing an outfit. But the fashion is spiced up when we have the combination of white with it. The Dalmatians, the chess and piano, all in a combination of black and white looks splendid. Though it is the style that is prevalent since ages, the time has not yet arrived for it to go away  and it will walk proudly amongst the fashion trends in 2018 as well.

               By Krizia

Leaving it bare –  A very strange and rather bold trend that I came across was bare dressing. Outfit with sheer material with complete transparency .  Designer Missoni presented it in the Milan fashion week and  we must admit , rather sophistically. You should go and check the designs from New York Fashion week as well.

Fringes – I bought a fringe top in February last year for a hefty price. I was thrashed by mum saying that it going to be out of fashion soon. She didn’t know that the top designers wont let it happen this year. Fringes are coolest fashion theme and they are no where going out. Be it 2017 or 2018, fringes are there to make you feel lively and cool. Some of the creations of designers like  Jil Slander had fringes all over in the Milan fashion week.

By Vionnet In Milan fashion week

Pastel  – The only fashion trend that has been in vogue since decades and even since our parents times are pastels. Hues of pink, purple and white, pastels are a must for every wardrobe. The coming year is also going to  see a lots of pastels outfits flooding the markets. Versace has beautifully roped in pastels in his designs in the Milan fashion week. You can also look out for outfits in pastels from J W creations from London Fashion week.

By  J.W.Anderson during London Fashion Week 

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