Christmas is here.. With carols, sweets, gifts and everything merry. It’s the time of the year when we have friends to meet, parties to attend and celebrations all around. The malls are all decked up with decorations, Santas and Christmas trees. It’s  lovely all around.

I am invited to lots of parties and in one I caught hold of an innovative theme as dress code. The Christmas fancy dress. At first I was really flummoxed about the dress I would wear but then I shook my head a little, took a pen and paper and ta da.. I am here with some unique fancy dress ideas.

So the concept is, every person attending the celebration will have to look like one of the Christmas element, character or part. It can be Christmas tree, Santa Claus or even a  reindeer.( Jesus and mother Mary are also allowed) But it’s  not any ordinary fancy dress and you need to look party ready. Tricky right? let us see.

Snowman – Snow is the precursor to Christmas and can definitely find a place in this list. To begin with, what is needed to be a snowman?? Nothing.  A jumpsuit can do the work, but yes white in color 😉 . If in case jumpsuit is not your type, you can also opt for white ball gown (that would really make you look like a snowman. So to complete the snowman look , you can add  accessories in black to your outfit. Black purse, black heels and black hat. A Smokey make up will complete the look.

The loveliest character, Santa Claus –  It can be little tricky to look like Santa Claus without Santa Claus Costume( Santa costume is the most obvious choice of course. ) But we have other options as well. Like wearing a  round fluffy ball gown in red. A flowy red gown would also do with white flowers. A pinch of white here and there would be best. Pair it with pearl jewellery, white scarf and white heels. Okay, I accept you won’t actually look like a santa, But you can act like one. Pair it with a red-white purse and fill it with as much as sweets you can collect…Yes, a Santa cap would be best … Ho..Ho..Ho..

Christmas tree –  A question. How to identify Christmas festival?? By a Christmas tree. I am not going to advice you to wear leaves and toys to look like a Christmas tree, trust me, its much easier and convenient.  We need  a bottle green blouse. That can be sweatshirt, hoodie, a sweater, a top or a blouse; any one would go. Try finding if it has something like  snow, or Christmas tree, etc. on it . The color bottle green will suit best. You can pair it with brown, caramel coloured palazzo, or pants or fish cut skirt as well. To add to the touch we will need the help of accessories. Dig out all your bling accessories. The shiny bracelet, the multi-coloured necklace and earrings which are dangling with balls or stars or anything decorative. What is  remaining ? yes, a star hair clip will complete the look.

Reindeer– . Okay, this is a little weird. But come on, reindeer is an important part of the Christmas.  For a reindeer look,  Suits would be best . A business look but in an amusing way. Choose a brown colored suit with ankle length trouser and black stiletto. Of course you can not paint your nose red, but can paint your lips!! Choose a red lipstick and  pink eye make. To be a little like the animal one can add reindeer accessories like ear studs, and hairband..

lights n bling – And lastly for the whole mood of the Christmas. The decoration and the lightning, bling and shine. The Christmas festival is incomplete without lights and merriment.  A sequined dress is perfect for this. A simple sequined dress, that can be silver or golden or red or green . Any one you like. This will be perfect for the mood without any one having trouble in guessing. You are the essence of the party. You can pair it with a stole which is somewhat a less shiny and right amount of makeup. Again a high stiletto would complete the look . Be the shine !!


Wish you all Merry Christmas from the entire SignatureWeaves family….

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