Life has so many stages which have their own value and importance but the most interesting but little confusing as well as unpredictable stage is teen years. It is a period when you are in somewhat middle means no longer a child and not yet an adult.

Tastes and likes also change as one feels that he/she is growing up and can take decisions. Strong resistance is also shown towards parents controlling attitude. Change in taste starts from food, living style and to fashion also. Teens always like to dress their own way as they do not appreciate being dictated.

There are certain teen trends which are becoming popular day by day. Teen girls always like to experiment with somewhat daring and unique for their dresses as well as accessories. In these crucial years likes and dislikes of a girl began to take a solid form that can in later years be her style statement.

Teenagers always like to try out new style of clothes. Daring colours, unique accessories and stylish bags. So fashion gurus always come up with new trends for teens every season and year. This year 2017 also they have come up with a huge variety of new trends in teen fashion.

Let us see the what the trends for teen 2017 have in its bag—–



Many people would just ask start with footwear but it plays an important role in completing dressing along with other accessories. These trends predict platform heels sandals and in shoes flat sole shoes, gum boots or sports boots. So depending on the season choices of teens change.



Shirts and t-shirts always hold an important place in the wardrobe of teen girls. Designers offer elongated, asymmetrical shirts and even t-shirts with a variety of trousers options. Shirts and t-shirts designed exclusively for teens looks more magnificent when worn with short leather jackets, college jackets and cut sleeves jackets. T-shirts can be worn with skirts, jeans and can be paired up with sneakers, boots, bellies or platform heels depending on individual preferences.



This summer season will see girls opting for t-shirts and cropped tops of different colours no doubt white will still maintain it’s leadership position. Fashion gurus advice to wear t-shirts and cropped tops along with long to floor skirts for hot summers. Teens can also go for sundresses made of cotton and of loose fitting and these can be worn without a layering top.



This year teen fashion is really unthinkable without the mention of bright metallic tops of simple and concise cutting. Bright colour is due to the glitter and metallic sheen that will really look impressive. These tops can be complemented with the denim skirt, skinny jeans or anything of your choice.




Now classic knitted cardigans for the winter season or for countries with more of cold weather where winters are starting knitted cardigans trend for 2017 especially for teens is soft cozy cardigans of various beautiful colours.



There is no second thought that fashion gurus aptly call jeans as leader of the wardrobe of teenage girls, trend 2017 for teens predict tight skinny jeans of all shades teamed up with t-shirts and sweatshirt of various sizes, cuts and colours. Another fashion style for teen girls is jeans culottes wide flares from bottom coupled with high  Marten boots or Rude dockers to give a perfect look.



In summer any teen wardrobe is incomplete without shorts that too of denim so year 2017 will see teens going for tight shorts of elastic fabric or denim favorably with high waistline that cheerleaders wear so these shorts can be worn by teens as causal wear safely.



A new collection of this year predicts skirts for sweet teenage girls with proper waistline having bright and exotic prints like fantasy flowers abstraction etc are not going anywhere from the fashion scene. Skirts are very versatile as one can combine them with classic blouses, shirts, t-shirts, tops or sport jumpers.



Without accessories, no fashion style gets completed and for teen girls, they hold a special place. No limit to imagination, they can adorn earrings, pendants, chokers, bracelets, rings and many more exciting things. But this year teenage girls are going to experiment with accessories of various shapes, cuts and colours having trendier look.


The year 2017 trends predict teens opting for monochromatic dressing means wearing different texture of same shade to give an overall tonal look. Trends predict different types and shades of dresses made of light flowing fabric and even denim sun dresses with patchwork and fun prints will gain popularity.


To sum up, teenage holds a special place in every bodies life. This is a time you can experiment on any type of fashion style and accessories. As the deal slogan goes “ THIS IS MAH LIFE, MAH STYLE”.



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  1. Joie Gahum says:
    August 17, 2017 at 2:41 am

    Monochromatic dress will be something new all of this trends. I wonder how it would fit with my previous looks. Might get some in Cicihot to try and see how it looks. Nice Article. Good read

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