The winters are around the corner and have almost knocked our doors. Along with ample veggies and snow and pleasant weather winters are liked for the trendy woollens it gives us to  wear and flaunt. No hesitation of belly fat or tanned skin. The best cover up for all physique and skin problems.

Though we are troubled less about choosing the outfits in winters, they are still lots of options to choose from. There are variety of different jackets and shrugs and cardigan and pullovers you can flaunt this winters. There have been some really cool stuff that has come up with a fresh look.

Let’s take a look at the new trends and pairing that can be tried this winters.

Cardigan – My mother used to wear cardigans in her times, coz I don’t think the jackets and wind sheeters existed that time. But whenever she asked me to buy one, I always refused saying that those are a bunch of old fashion woollens and I don’t want them but todays those same cardigans are back in fashion and how!. With new prints, cuts and designs which adds an oomph to my dressing. The various different styles help it to go with any type of dresses whether it is jeans or maxis. It can be paired with anything.

                Cardigan with a twist

Ponchos- The one piece of woollen that fantasized me since childhood is the ponchos, it is extremely comfortable, too trendy and very cute. I used to run around the whole house wearing it acting alike an angle with wings. Todays those ponchos are much more fashionable, beautiful and trendy. You can carry it off with any outfit with the benefit of its warmth.


A Poncho saves from all dressing woes in winter!!

Shrugs– The best part about winter dressing is you need not spend much on the clothes if you love shopping for the woollens. The blouse you are wearing is crushed, wear a shrug. You are having a lazy afternoon and your mum asks you to fetch some vegetables, no worries, shrug will save the pain from getting inside presentable clothes. Shrug the saviour!  Shrugs are cool in summers, but for winters woollen shrugs are the best. Long or short whatever it is, they  sincerely play their part of beautifying any outfit with zero efforts. Shrugs goes with dresses, jeans and skirts. Collect as many colors as you can this winters!

Long length blazers – Pullovers and jackets are a thing of the past. what is trending hot this season is, long blazers and hoodies. Hoodies looks quite cute and trendy. They are comfortable and girls’ favourite. A matching combination of jeans and boots adds to it,  a  sexy touch.

Long blazers are a hot trend in this season. Whether it is  jeans or dresses, long blazers adds an extra oomph, irrespective of the combination  of dresses we choose.  Not only does it give a sophisticated look but also is very fashionable. It is available in number of interesting patterns and style and if you are lucky enough it hides the extra fat on your body too 😉

A blazer can be used as a LBD anytime.!

Wind sheeters and vests –  Whenever I visited my granny’s house, which was comparatively more colder than my place, my mom used to dress me like a sack of clothes stuffed from top to bottom. Wooleen inners, with two pullovers, then sweaters and then jackets. I used to be the most funny person alive walking like a woollen bundle all around. Gradually I realized I have a better options and those are wind sheeters.

Wind sheeters and vests are quite light weighted, trendy and warm. They come in attractive colors and can be paired with matching outfits. the color of the jeans can be co-ordinated with the vests while pairing accessories to add the extra touch. Wind sheeters are my favourite because the absence of wool in its exterior does not frizz my hair as other woollen garment does and is convenient for travelling.

Dressing up in woollens are not at all boring, if we are ready to shift our tastes and modify the dresses combination a little.

So get going

Happy shopping!!

Happy Winters!!

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