The festivals are the best time to catch up with our loved ones; our family members, the extended relatives and friends. It is lovely listening to them, knowing about each other’s life and of course sharing love and comfort. Thanksgiving is one  such terrific festival which is celebrated with lots of warmth and love. Interestingly, it has  feeling of gratitude and love even in its name.

We have  great get-together at our home for the thanksgiving festival, filled with all sorts of fun, merriment and enjoyment with the family. As  lots of people are present, I often ( I am sure you must too,)come across the problem of choosing the perfect dress. Often I host the party and think upon the theme on which I can base the party . Few days earlier I came across some different ideas for the party theme related to the attires when can be flaunted while  attending the party. Lets take a look.

Fancy dress – Why not test your creativity by having a  fancy dress party?. It won’t be a competition and neither it would be Halloween dressing. The object is dressing up as someone who is famous in the city or country or  the world. Trying as much similarity  with them and then looking how many celebrities look alike  can be found in a single place. It would be lots of fun to see our loved ones in different attires.

Imitating the one– Now this is  really interesting and specially for a family and close knit gathering. Each one has to choose and dress up like another member of the family/ friends. For example, I can dress like my grandmother and she can dress like me. We can take each others clothes and accessories and experiment. The objective is to look  like the chosen one as much as we can. The person with the best resemblance will be  the shine of the party. It will indeed be a fun activity to do. At the end a family photograph will complete the evening.

Wearing the favourite one – It is said that there is no definite way of expressing your love to the person you love. Every person has a cherished and invaluable thing which has been  gifted to them  by their loved one. Why not thank that special one for the gift on this Thanksgiving? My mother gave me her ring on my 20th birthday. That is the gift I love and cherish for ever. Many of your family members must have received such gifts in some point of their time. So bring out all those treasures, dig all your hidden closets and  wear to the party that valuable gift. Everyone will be coming with their treasures, among the friends and family and the love that will follow further cannot be imagined.

Color scheme – Colors twinning is always the best and convenient theme for any occasion. You have to decide a theme color for the party wherein the guest have to abide by the color scheme. They have an option to either dress completely in that color scheme or can have the privilege to adorn at least a cloth of that color. And yes scarfs, headgear and accessories of that color are allowed. You should have one pinch and blink of that color somewhere on the dress you are wearing.

The turkey connection – Turkey is naturally a beautiful bird, with its huge fan like feathers and red beak. Turkey is also the main ingredient of a thanksgiving dinner. We can very well include it in our fashion too. An interesting theme therefore for the attire can be remnants of turkey bird. There should be a glimpse  of the bird in whatever dress we are wearing. Whether it is the beak like accessory or feather on the dress or the color combination resembling the bird. The goal is to feel like there is a hint of the bird appearances in everybody’s dress.

Festivals are a very good event to experiment and try out new combinations in terms of dressing and looks.  What is better than this thanksgiving by spreading love and having fun with the closed ones, where you can be you..

Enjoy your day!!

Happy Thanksgiving .

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