Accessories are something every girl drools over. The trendier the dress, the better should be the accessories; is a girl’s demand.  The best thing about accessories are, it suits to all type of women irrespective of their age and skin color. As a matter of fact there is no limit in experimenting in accessorizing to increase the look of any outfit you wear.

We did see a couple of accessories to pep up our outfit in the last post . And so the second part to transform a boring attire to a funky sexy one is here.

Accessories… II

Pearl jewellery – If diamonds are girl’s best friend, pearls are diva’s best friends. Pearls go great with any type of outfit. Whether it is a gown or knee length one piece, or be it  a formal blazer with trouser . Bold pearl necklaces and studs makes a fashion statement. For young girls, on a casual dress too. Pearl tops and pearl hairbands makes a good accessory aid for their casual jumpsuits and dungarees.

Or by any chance if you are smitten by the Bollywood trend, try a monochrome saree with pearl neck piece and you will be the talk of the party I can promise.

Hand cuffs/bracelets. – Hand accessories are very useful, if your dress is sans glitters and sparkles. In such case bracelets and hand bands comes in aid. There are number of interesting wrist bands and bracelets to really enhance the look of any outfit. There are also innumerable styles to choose from,  depending  from the style of clothes you are wearing , to the occasion or  the mood and also for  the weather .

The metal bracelets (ranging from size, to boldness, to colors) are for sexy outfit which covers the whole wrists. It’s for the party time, with sexy LBD and disco night. The silver one, with trinkets are for the romantic dates,that looks delicate on your slender wrists and goes with the lovely gesture of holding hands. The braid leather ones are for the picnic and hangouts, which looks funky and trendy with jeans, shorts and shoes.

Rings. – Funky rings are my all-time favourite. Rings gives the liberty to bring a style to your fingers. It gives a punch to the boring and bare hands.

In jeans and casual outings, animal pattern and big rings with a golden touch suits the best. If you are adventurous enough try lizards, or snakes coiling up your fingers in attractive patterns.

The nude pearl rings also look good with casual outings. If you are going with monochrome gowns, bold big shapes will suit best. As in a sphere lined with platinum or square diamond.

If you are daring enough to set a trend why not try double finger rings. Double set fingers sets simultaneously in two or three fingers.

Belts – Believe me, belts are ultimate saviours. You jeans is lose? tie a belt. The dress is not as fit as you wanted, tie a belt on the waist and pull the fabric a little, problem solved. Want a corporate look.  In shirt your branded shirt and enhance the look with a broad belt, you are fun to go.

Belts also come in handy in fixing attire problems. The shrug you love is too silken to stay in place. Just wrap a belt over draping the shrug and it won’t shift an inch.

A little bit of thoughtfulness will bring a lots of oomph factor to any ordinary dress with belts.

Purses– Today purses are no longer an accessory to contain the stuffs, but a method to compliment the dress. Bags, ranging from double the sizes, to crystal slings, does the same work, enhancing the style quotient.  Everything is in trend and rocking. Just pick your favourite and rule the world.

Accessories does creates a major impact on the overall dressing. Along with complimenting the dresses it also hides the flaws of the attires and style. What is required is a little confidence to carry it.

And once you are perfect enough! You are ready to roll…

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