Good outfits are great to spice up the fashion quotient in us. The uncanny designs, the weird styles and the contradictory combinations. If we look at them, they pretty sum up to be a scene of perfect fashion sense.

Sometimes, how hard we try, we fail at getting that perfect piece of dress which we have in our mind since days together, which we have seen somewhere and might have thought, would look on us perfect.  We often come across that craving of wearing a similar or  a different form of it; and when we fail to find so, our mood spoils!

So what do we do? Lose hope of getting a trendy dress and slaying in it, in the next party? Or just get contended with the same old off shoulder gown? What do we do…

The answer is we accessories!!..

In  the world of fashion and  style where every experiment turns into a new trend, gradually followed by everyone around, there is no losing hope. Because apart from that one dress you are running behind, there is always something else more better and off course attractive waiting out there. All you need is paying a little attention.

As impromptu party plans juice up our dull lives, the same work is done by our beloved accessories in our fashion styles.

Let’s take a look on the ways we can use the accessories to shine!.

Colarpins – Casual  shirts looks so trendy when paired with  jeans and skirts, and the best part is, it is  super comfortable.  A White shirt paired with ripped jeans and just a little kohl and you are ready to step out!!.

But if you are onto something special, sometimes little spicing is needed. Collar clips and broches are a good way to add some zinc into our attires. Immediately it changes the boring Tees to a better trendy one . Signature Weaves  have a superb collection of comfortable yet stylish Tees and shirts, which you can accessorize with such collar pins.

A sweet little pendant and neck pieces –  Accessories are girls’ best friend.  When it comes to flaunting your sexy collar bone, there is nothing better than neck pieces and cute pendants. We can always pick different kinds  of those according to the dresses and occasions. I love to team up small cute pendants on casual basis on t shirts and dresses. Whereas, on a party outfit, whether it is a crop top or even a simple off shoulder dress, a long chain with a funky pendant saves the day.


Go wild with ear cuffs. – Don’t have a good dress to rock the party? No worries grab the admiring attention on your face and I swear no one will notice your not-so sexy outfit. Earrings surely have the quality of grabbing attention when it comes to accessorizing. Whether it is loops or studs, they perfectly compliment the tone of the outfit. And the hot trend  this season is unusual ear cuffs. These are new in trend and super sexy. Covering through the while ear, it  pumps up a lot of confidence onto your face. And if you choose stone ear cuffs, there is no need for any other ornaments, it alone can conquer the army.

Want to try something unconventional- flaunt your back – Taking inspiration from Cara Delevingne from Cannes Film Festival 2014, try wearing your neck pieces and pendants from back to front. Not only will it hold people’s attention but would look good both ways. An evening party and a deep neck dress is apt for such look.

Scarfs rules the day– Scarfs are a miracle. I wonder how a small piece of clothing just transforms my whole look. whether it is a head scarf, a bandana, a long scarf around the neck or a stole tied around the waist, it really saves the day. The best part is, it can solve and correct all clothing discrepancies as well. Your tummy is peeping out.?  Tie a stole around the waist loosely while spreading its pleats around the stomach. Or your top is too deep, just twist the scarf around your neck a little and it becomes a style statement. If nothing, a contrast color scarf properly wrapped around the neck , gives a major fashion goal. Setting trends with only a scarf ?

A good outfit, definitely makes you look good, but when you compliment it with accessories, you look confident. Pull out all your boring clothes and just Accessorize up..

Good luck!

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