Street style fashion has always existed since ages but its significance was first recognised and valued in mid 50’s. Most people would ask as to what the street style is and the very simple answer is that it is a fashion that has its origin not from the fashion studio’s but from grassroots street wear.

So street fashion is normally linked with youth culture and can be spotted in major urban cities. Fashion gurus admit this that street style trends influence mainstream fashion. With the summer season officially over in Australia,  it is time to welcome autumn and winter. Autumn is time to pack summer dresses from the wardrobe and get some new trendy to wear.

It’s time to explore the best street style trends from the autumn and winter 2017 fashion weeks and see what is new for the energetic youth people. Let’s start our journey to the street style fashion 2017.


To begin with, the street trends this year lets star with pants the trends this year are the bottoms with frills and ruffles that are going to dominate the fashion arena. Latest style trend is frill hem pants and this superb twist is going to rock. These two are always a style statement but frills and rufles can be adjusted to suit particular personality. For a bolder look go for frills that start higher up from the leg with more volume and for a subdued look go for mini ruffles that fall at ankle.


This season the street style came up with laces tangled, tied and wrapped in every way one can imagine think you guessed right as I am talking about laced pants, dresses and jackets. This youth trend is sure to create some nice waves as it comes in two forms,  firstly bold and provocative styles and secondly are delicate designs with soft ribbons weaved through garments and tied into loops /bows.


The year 2017 will see a more elegant entry that is kitten heels which are coming back once again to the street style trends. These vintage classy as well as too comfortable shoes are simply versatile as they go nicely with every dress and in every occasion. One can pair them up with tight cigarette pants at the workplace, with a dress for dinner and lunch as well as for weekend outing. So youth no matter what colour or style clothes you pick but be sure to select a pointed toe styles shoes to look elegant.


The classier and trendier style that was noticed at autumn /winter 2017 is fishnet stockings. So this hosiery style stockings resembling fishnet is a must have in every youth wardrobe and can be easily paired up with any type of dress like skirt or can be even worn underpants. These stocking are sure to give a very seductive look to the dress.


These are also known as LEMANS STRIPS   and are applied to the racing cars so that they are identified in the field yes you got it the right year 2017 trends are that youth will go for sport inspired stripes. This stripes trends will be seen in the jumpers, sweat pants typically athletic wear but youth is going to experiment it in the cropped up pants or even in other dresses. So stripes are definitely going to dominate the fashion scene but be sure to choose bright bold colours on a contrasting base.

6—-BAGS WITH RING HANDLES—Every year street style comes out with new styles of bags tempting us to have new bags in our wardrobe. This year trend brings out bags with a circular ring in place of handle. These stylish bags with a round ring at handle place gives an element of modernism and classy look. Do not worry about your old bags as they are not going anywhere but this new style bags can be used as style statement for weekends and night outs.

7—EARRINGS-—   After the style of dress, shoes, bags comes the turn of jewellery trends. This season trends of jewellery predict more attention to the statement earring and converting them into a piece of art. In 2017 youth will try out unique styles of earrings in different new shapes and forms. No doubt trend of old jewellery never dies but now it is coming in twisted new shapes and styles that will give you an artistic look.

8— RETRO STYLE BLAZERS AND COATS-— Recent fashion weeks autumn 2017 saw the retro classic looking blazers and with coats with checks for a charismatic look. These blazers and coats with a retro look, delicate feminism and a colour of your choice like a Beige colour, light brown, cream colour or anyone you can experiment with. One can opt for any style like add shoulder pads or double breasted for a traditional and retro look. Over-sized pockets and no shoulder pads will surely give you a twist of modernism.

9—BIG COLLARS AND LAPELS—Fashion gurus always love to play and experiment with proportions of collars and lapels many times trend is of short one but this street style 2017 trend is of extra large collars and lapels for a stylish look. These extra big collars are becoming a trend in wool coats or leather jackets will soon become a style statement.

I hope youth must have liked and loved trends 2017 as this is an age when ones can and should experiment with new styles and colours, as the ultimate choice is yours. So pick up the latest trends and add them in your wardrobe.

Stay stylish friends.

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  1. Joie Gahum says:
    August 17, 2017 at 2:45 am

    One more thing to consider are sneakers. I have my Cicihot shoes paired with my blazers and coats and I think i look fair might not be the best but I think I am Stylish. Its all about attitude.

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