Every garment is a story which reflects different moods of mine; I am cheerful at times and sometimes downbeat; I am pensive and thoughtful at times and sometimes a bit goofy. I am goal oriented & determined at times and sometimes I take it a bit easy; I am relaxed at times and sometimes busy with day to day chores. I have family & friends and love spending time with them and at times I like to be on my own walking down the road. I love to party at times but that does not stop me from staying at home and reading a book.

I am humane but not the weak hearted; I like to be independent but not recluse. I am classy and stylish but that doesn’t make me unapproachable; I don’t wear very expensive clothes but that does not make me cheap. I like to be treated with respect not because I am egoistic. I am just the everyday woman who likes to be different, unique and exclusive in every aspect of my life. I wear signature weaves clothing because I have a story to tell. I love my life; every day is a new story, a new chapter. I am the author and I want to write it well.

I have a story to tell my world today. What is your story?

At Signature Weaves, we allow our woman to reveal a story to the world. From design to the end product we use the best of ideas and fabric to build a story. We don’t like our woman to compromise on their outlook so we strive to make sure each and every product is crafted to perfection using the finest yarn and quality construction, always keeping the Signature woman in mind.

We like to hear your story; write to us.

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