Autumn is here and so should be the changing trend of our attires. Where summers were subjected to loose and mid riffs clothes, autumn brings with it a flowery feel to the environment. Autumn is that part of the year, when though the trees loose it leaves, but  marks a new beginning . A new head start towards a different weather, climate and thereby mood. The sky is all hue with the  colour of the falling leaves, and the weather is all filled with love.

Autumn is the time when one gets in love with the nature. You tend to spend more time outside , putting aside the electronics and confinement and bland features of the interiors. Love is in the air and so are you.

Autumn is also the time when slowly the romantic winters enters the dusk, A rosy winter creeps in slowly. Overall it’s  a perfect time of the year to bring a transformation into the living and dressing (You know what I mean ?)

The arrival of Autumn is also the call for a wardrobe change. The summers are gone, and so is the sweat, heat and the danger of getting tan. The time is to get the wardrobe  in line with the  colours of the sky and the fields  . That is,  getting  quirky and happy.

It is a well-known fact,  if you  look good you will feel good. Let’s see how can we set the tone of feel good..

Getting autumn ready

Pastels :- Wearing  only the whites and light shades for defeating the summers, now we can put  in  lots of pastels and bright colours into the wardrobe. The dark shades can wait for the winters, giving way for the lovely pastels.

Try adorning fun colours like, pistachio  green , wine magenta , turquoise and cream. Anybody  will look great in these colours. And the best part is, you match with the calmness of the season outside.

autumn fashion with pastels

Prints:- Prints never go out of fashion. Never ever!. But yes, to avoid the monotonous, we can adjust it according to the seasons and occasions. The winters are yet to arrive and so are the big, bold prints. As of now, we can effortlessly  go easy with playful, small and cute prints this season. Flowers and leaves being the best. Just splash some, prints on your clothes and a smile on your face, and you are ready to go girl!.

autumn fashion with prints

Bundle up.- It’s the time for the fancy stuff’s day out, hidden somewhere in the closet. The scarfs and socks and shrugs and capes. Bring them out try new stuffs. It’s the play time. The weather is playing and so do we need to . Get into a printed maxi pairing it with a splash of red scarf and you are ready to rock the party. A halter blouse with a funky shrug will  add all the charm to the rosy cheeks. A yellow dress with a pink socks. The eyes would drool everywhere you step in..


Autumn fashion

Accessorize.- Clink and clatter. Just stop the chatter.! Accessories are girl’s best friend. And the best part is, the season indicates the change in its wardrobe as well. Keep the metal earring out , it’s the time for some feathery touch. Matching with the season’s hue, earrings and necklaces of feathers and crochet are the best to flaunt.

A colourful accessory will add million colours to your pastel attire, giving a funky and adorable look. You can also add hand bands of bright colours to complete the  peppy look.

Autumns are best to dress up to the best. The weather is awesome , the environment beautiful and our wardrobe colourful. What else do we girls need. So  girls just step out  and slay …!

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