The fashion industry  is always famous for new innovations and  trends so whenever new season is about to arrive many would ask “what is the new trend coming to rock the world” well the new trend is that the relationship between  technology and fashion is scaling new heights.

We cannot say it as a current fashion trend as from last many years technology and fashion have developed a fruitful relation that has benefited both. Though this relation is experiencing growth but has not touched the top line as many people argue.

Technology impacts fashion industry by providing it so many good opportunities like increasing company’s brand awareness, interacting with target group to know as to what the customer thinks about their brand and also the needs/wants of target group. One of the best facility technology has provided to fashion world is the development of in store shopping facility to the customer.

One thing here is worth mentioning is that this relationship is growing both ways as technology companies are also coming close to the various fashion brands. At New York fashion show 4 years ago models on the ramp were seen wearing Google glass and internet connected glasses showing digital information.

Technology influence on fashion world is a fact that nobody can deny as with the help of technology fashion industry now in less time period effectively delivers trends to their target group. Customers and fashion houses both benefit by this new innovations in technology as fashion gets trends instantly and fashion houses also delivers the trends to their target group of customers.

Let us now explore how technology is extending a helping hand to the fashion industry—-

  • TREND FORECASTING—- Technology helping hand has given a new thrust to the trend forecasting by taking it to new heights. Few years back tracking fashion trends  was an uphill task as it meant a lot  of travelling to gather  useful  information about fashion trends  then the team would make a report  and  after final ok it was published to be sent to the fashion markets for direction and their  reviews  and all this exercise used to  consume lot of time. But now trend analysing and forecasting is done on daily basis. Fashion houses now with the help of various software’s draw digital sketches of dresses which are then in no time forwarded where they are needed.
  • DRESS DESIGNING AND PRODUCTION —- Technology help has made dress designing and production much more easier task as now most fashion houses use digital libraries who are a big store house of all fashion information like styles, colours, prints, product specifications. This stored information is accessible to the design team so nowadays it takes less time to design and then finally production process with much more accuracy and speed.
  • AFFORDABLE FAST FASHION STYLES — With the help of technology speed of fashion has become superfast as the fashion styles displayed on ramp are made available to the fashion lovers without any time lag. This thing makes it possible for the middle class people to get the dresses that are quite similar to the dresses worn by models on ramp. We can say that from past three decades with technology help retailers make available fashion styles for ordinary people at economical price that too in short period.
  • FAST TURNAROUND—Another benefit of technology to the fashion world is that customers view fashion trends/ collections immediately after they are finalised. Many fashion houses make their fashion shows online at the same time they are being organised and this thing helps fashion lovers to get the dresses they saw in fashion shows in very short span of time. Fashion designers nowadays collaborate with online stores so that their collections are purchased by fashion lovers.
  • E-COMMERCE—Technology has made fashion accessible to people all around the globe with the help of internet and this boon of internet has helped both customers and fashion companies both as customer gets the dresses they want and fashion companies get good Consumers can now purchase brand they did not even know existed a big thanks to internet.
  • MANAGING CONSUMERS— Almost all fashion brands have their presence on the social medias where they directly interact with the consumers to know their feedbacks about their brand and also to know what they need and want. So consumer today is in position to dictate his/ her whims and this healthy relationship which mutually benefits both is now growing and that is a pretty good.

Summing up we can say that relation between technology and fashion industry is scaling new height and soon we will see them on peak in mutually benefiting relationship. Good news is that this time is not far away.

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