Halloween is that time of the year when the world gets spooky and the environment scary. The darker shades are everywhere, and red is the new black. A  festival of spooky costumes, pumpkin lanterns and candies.

The most amazing and interesting part of this festival is getting the chance to dress in Halloween costumes. We apply our brains, use our creativity and try our best to look the perfect scary character in the Halloween party.!

What if,  we can get a ready inspiration from somewhere? Like the ubiquitous cinema. We have had some really scary characters on our silver screens, characters that have scared the hell out of us. So why not take inspiration from these to do the same for others.?

Yes, you got it right.! I am going to list down some iconic characters from the cinema world who you can dress like in the next Halloween party.


I don’t think anybody needs any introduction for this. Anyone who is even not interested in the horror movies, knows about this doll, which looks really chilling.  The attire is simple and convenient, but yes with appropriate makeup and styling, is scary as hell. A simple frock, two ribbon and school plaits. This is all you need.


How about a character like Penny wise from Stephen King’s It?. He is extremely scary and his attire is out of the league. A frill scarf, an oversized overcoat and gloves to compliment it. Who can think, a clown can frighten anyone. But he does. Th weirdness of the attire makes him scary I think, but as far as it helps us, Its good.

Super woman

let’s jest your spirits with little boost and energy. Turn into a wonder woman. Wonder woman is  an icon that is very  inspiring and motivational. To fight all odds and stand  for the right. Why not reflect it in our dressing as well?

A short dress with metallic accessories and flowing hairs. Your neglected brown boots would come in handy this time and so will the broad hairband that was a trend long before. Don’t forget the sword. Slay the party wonder woman.!

Harley Quinn

How about Harley Quinn from suicide squad? She is sociopath and yet chic and trendy. The colourful hairs and matching bands makes her more appealing. The interesting part is dressing like her is as effortless as a casual lookout. A mini shorts with a splash of colors. Your T shirt which you must have dump in some corner because it had holes and ofcourse a jacket. It would be so hilarious to see oneself in the mirror like this. Scary  and yet trendy character to boast of.  A baseball  bat would enhance the look. (P.S. you would look much younger too)

The beguiled costumes

I agree it won’t feel scary or out of the box, but it certainly reminds of the white dressed ghosts we heard stories about, in our childhood. The ghost who are characterised by their white attires and translucent costumes flying overhead in nights . What you need is picking up a white tunic paired with sky blue or white top and open hairs. The minimalist dress for a awesome costume party.

Cruella de Vil

how about a blast from the past. 101 Dalmatians was one of my favourite movies and what fascinated me about it, was the costume the lady, the villain Cruella de Vil wore ( minus the dalmatians’ skin). All long and royal. Last week I was wondering about the Halloween dress I should  adorn for this year and this is what came to my mind. Dress up like Cruella de vil, without the cruel heart . It would look lovely, scary and royal.

A black long  gown, a small chopstick( made to look like a cigar) and off course a fur coat. One can experiment with the short hairs as well.  Your favourite red heels and  the gloves. I think this is going to be a amazing costume you can adorn.

Experimenting is the key!

Happy Halloween!!

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