Our basic human instincts always encourage us to go for the future projections and fashion industry is no exception. In fashion world to talk about future projection meaning focusing on next season styles and trends which is done by fashion houses and trend forecasters. But I think we should go a little further means years ahead and visualise the fashion trends also the style which people would prefer.

Main flash that comes in mind that will the growing relationship between technology and fashion be more creative as so far technology has always extended a helping hand towards fashion industry. In years to come one can expect more clothes that will have technology built in them like camera, phones, and other devices for communication. Even today many designers are coming up with such innovative clothes like coat that are water resistant and ski suits that can be worn in -20 coldest temperature while skiing without even feeling  cold.

Astronomers also wear special suits in space to make them feel comfortable.

As per the data projections by Juniper Research people spending on technology aided clothes will exceed 53 billions $, a big thanks to technology. This fact is a very big surprise for fashion lovers. Recently Designer Ralph Lauren launched “Polotech T-shirts” in August which will help athletes to get biometrics information about their body functioning is a clear evidence as to how fast technology is fast moving in the world of fashion.

Today lot of work is done in science and technology sector that will certainly change dressing styles of people. let us have a peep in future and see what kind of innovations fashion world can expect in coming years —–

1—COLOUR CHANGING CLOTHES—– Clothes which will be able to change colours ,many people would laugh at this thought but be serious a London based company “ The Unseen” is a science and design company which has already started experimenting in creating apparels that will be able to change colours via an app like changing a polka dots dress into a stripes dress and changing colour of worn t-shirts. Various companies are already doing lots of experimenting in this regard so we can certainly expect some surprises in the near future.

2—JEANS THAT WILL ABLETO COMMUNICATE-— Communicating jeans might seem like a really wild , cranky and eccentric idea but good news for fashion lovers Google is coordinating with Levi jeans and planning to launch next year” Project Jacquard” means making jeans that will allow a person touch interactions on the fabric. It is based on simple idea that will help people to call for Uber, silence cell phones, and also turning off or on lights. Do not think it as a weird idea but such innovations are in the process of experimenting stage and we hope to see such new surprises in the fashion industry in future.

3—- JACKETS AND ACCESSORIES WITH PHONE CHARGING DEVICES—– Surprised, please don’t be, as last year Tommy Hilfiger launched a jacket for 599 $ which has solar panels on the back and a small /portable battery to charge your cell phone. Also another innovation comes from dutch designer Pauline van Dungen who has designed a t-shirt with phone charging facility so in near future we expect to see many such technology aided apparels.

4—— Body temperature control jackets——- In the future one will see more and more technology innovations on the clothes, it clearly indicates people will be able to control their body temperature through the worn apparels. Like a coat or a jacket. Future years will see more and more technology aided clothes like controlling home thermostat temperatures conveniently. All these things are sounding too wild but with the growing relationship of technology and fashion, these things will be a pleasant surprise for human beings.

5—— Shape shifting styles—- Clothes that will be able to change colours and even shape may sound like an absurd dream. May be it will take years to mature such innovations but Lacoste fashion house recently released a video showing address changing colours and even changing its shape. Actually, this is based on fibre science technology which means changing the molecular structure of dresses.

T-shirts launched by Ralph Lauren and also Pauline Van Dungun are experimenting on how 3D printing can be utilised to achieve such changes so that the dresses worn can be made more adaptive.

No doubt all these thoughts seems so unimaginable, so cranky, but as the beautiful relation of the technology and fashion is growing we will be witness to more such innovations.

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