Experts say that colors have a significant impact on a person’s life. On his behaviour, habits, mood and nature. It is said that on a sunny day, if you wear bright colored clothes, you are more tend to be cheerful and happy. Similarily a dark shade on a sad or unfortunate day adds to the melancholy of the situation. I have also heard my elders say that we should not wear dark colors on auspicious days. Is it justified? Nay!

Colors undoubtedly have a substantial impact on a person’s life, but when we are talking about clothes, fashion and attires, what is more important is, our attitude. Is it not?. Then it does not matter if the shade of the green is light or ultra-dark, we can always shine.

Dark colors have a different charm in the fashion world. Not only the evergreen black which is the king of all colors when it comes to clothing, many other dark and not so bright colors can steal the show.

The winters are round the corner and so are the changing clothing styles. It would not be very far when the clothing stores would start refilling from the winter collections, comprising of scarfs, boots, jackets and pullovers. The mufflers would replace scarfs and heels would move aside to make way for furry boots and shoes. The printed jumpsuit would have to go back in the closet so that the pullovers and sweater can breathe in that space.

Like the summers demands bright evergreen primary colors, the winters tend to walk the opposite way. Where we pick up shades like green , yellow and orange in the scorching sun, our conscience automatically goes behind dark green, maroon and black in the freezing winters.

And believe me, every one of it has its own beauty.

Let’s us look into the different shades which we can pick up this winter to look stylist while being comfortable and cozy.

Black – Black is my first love. A wise man once quoted  ‘if you are in doubt wear black.  Though it cannot be reserved for the winters alone, but wearing a long black  jacket with black boots makes one look  attractive like  anything. Black is the one stop solution to any fashion woe. Have nothing to wear in an office party? Adorn a long  black pullover, pair it  with gladiator shoes, and a hint of red lipstick. You are ready to rock the party. Black is my all time favourite for any season, any dress and any occasion . The best part about this color is, that it makes a heavy body seems slim and vice versa.

Maroon and olive greens- I also love the darker shades of the pretty summer shades in the winter , It’s like gives me a sense of greater comfort and confidence. When your face is all covered up in the freezing cold the contrasts of such darker shades enhances the face glow it seems.

A maroon pullover and black jeans or slacks is the best combination for a casual meet. Or a olive green overcoat to pair up with a lighter shade blouse, underneath.

Royal blue- After red comes the royal blue, exciting itself by the name. Royal blue is a very eye-catching color. Mostly on the jackets, overcoats and sweaters. It has the magic to turn a dull attire into a very impressive and attractive one. Royal blue / blue or deep indigo gives a rich touch to any combination we wear . Whether it is pullovers, sweaters or an overcoat. We can also experiment with royal blue in footwears. A black outfit with a royal blue boots or pastel outfit with a royal blue muffler can turn the mood around.

Not only it is too cosy , but also all stylish and bundles up.

Grey- And then comes the grey. Grey is the ultimate color of the winters. Matching with the sky, weather and the melancholy of the winters. I like grey because it compliments the lighter shade of the face and darker tint of makeup. It gets along good with the jeans and the pants. It looks warm and comfortable as it is. And so the obvious choice in winters is grey shades.

There are no season for colors, but yet dark colors goes well with the winters as it absorbs sun rays.

Pick up your bags and let’s do some ‘dark’ shopping…  🙂 ?

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