It won’t be wrong to say that fashion has it’s own cyclic trends and is in accordance with the time and culture in which these trends are created. Fashion is a very dynamic thing that keeps on changing every year. It will always be totally different as it used to be in the past.

Current fashion trends are quite different from the styles of 50’s and 60’s but the interesting thing about fashion is that trends and concepts keep on repeating itself after a time gap. No doubt we have today better resources, better technology, more fashion setters, better accessories and style of clothing that give us more comfort but even today wearing mother’s or grandmother’s old jewellery is still seen as a matter of pride. There were and still today many people who are averse to the concept of fashion but one thing that can be said with surety that fashion has always existed and it is not going anywhere.

It would be so wonderful to travel down the memory lane to the 50’s and see what were the fashion trends then lets start the journey from the era of 50’s.


1950’s was the era of casual attires so in women clothing full billowy skirts with natural waistline, unpadded round shoulder blouses with shapely bust lines, well-defined waists of blouses were then very popular among women. Also popular were then jeans worn with blouses and long narrow skirts. Blouses worn with skirts or pants were sleeveless or short sleeves with either long wide collars or v-necked. Jackets were also popular.


60’s  was the decade which saw the change in fashion norms mainly inspired by the society.

  • It was the era of youth culture wanting to break the norms of society and family so fashion trends moved towards modernism as the lifestyle of the youth changed.
  • Conservative style and colour of clothing changed to more vibrant colours and bold printed dresses.
  • Skirts worn by women went above knee better known as mini skirts.

Late 60’s saw the emergence of hippie movement so the style of dresses also changed to tie and dye prints, dresses with multicoloured patchwork free flowing garments with a multicoloured headband was the style statement.


70’s saw the hippie style of late 60’s continued through the early years of 1970’s.

  • Bell bottoms with whimsical patterns became the style statement.
  • Came mid 70’s which saw the emergence of newer and trendier dresses like pant suits .track suits etc.
  • Late 70’ssaw  the trends of baggy clothes strapless dresses and off shoulder dresses became hot favourites.


  • As compared to the 70’s early 80’s saw the women experimenting with light coloured neutral dresses.
  • In the offices, knee length skirts worn with shirts or blouses and blazers gained popularity.
  • Mid 80’s saw the emergence of bright colours used in dresses with sequins work paired with sunglasses.bangles and hoop earrings’.
  • Late 80’s saw the emergence of Punk fashion so ripped jeans worn with leather jackets became a style statement.


  • From the punk fashion of 80’s 1990’s saw the trend of messy and unkempt clothes.
  • Flannels became popular and also the trends of 70’s and 80’s were revived. Teenagers wearing their parents dresses was a usual site those days.
  • Wearing over-sized sweaters being neatly tied around the waist was a popular trend and this was even carried to 2000 era.


Now the fashion trends of 2000 that makes everyone nostalgic—-

  • Frosted lip glosses was a must have in every women purse.
  • Trucker hats especially von dutch hats became popular.
  • Laced up jeans even up to the bottom of legs  also laced up was haute couture
  • Jeans with no back pocket became trendier.
  • Tattoo choker necklaces were the must have in every women’s  wardrobe.
  • Halter neck tops became popular among younger generation.
  • Gaucho pants attracted attention.
  • Studded belts were one of the best accessories one can have.
  • Multicoloured butterfly clips for small girls became a trend.
  •  2000 era saw the craze of denim, like denim hats.skirts, jeans and even shirts.
  • Low waist jeans came to the fashion scene.


To conclude everyone will admit that fashion is very similar to season always changing but also repeating itself. So in fashion nothing is permanent, new changing trends or some old trends with a slight twist makes style statement. It’s never too late to experiment with your style.


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