One of the most important element of design is colour, colour research institute aptly remarks that 62% to 90% of our perception about a product is actually based on colour alone.

Colours actually give meaning to our life and also stimulate our emotions as well as perception about product or anything. Everyone will admit the fact that colours can generate positive or negative emotions so should be used with cautions. Cool colours like blue, purple and green are known to be soothing colours whereas red, orange and yellow are known as warm colours.

According to Pantone fashion report colour trend for 2017, first position was given to blue followed by yellow. Let us explore the top 10 fashion colours in women’s fashion outfits & accessories that will be in trend this summer.

1.) Niagara Denim Blue: Proud first position in this summer 2017 goes to Niagara denim blue, soothing and soft blue shade. This is a flexible colour that goes well with every shade. No doubt Niagara is better known as shade of denim but its beauty and elegance increases manifold when used with wonderful fabric of silk as everyone saw in Emporio Armani summer collection 2017.

2.) Primrose Yellow: From the spicy mustard 2016 trend this year second position goes to a vibrant primrose yellow. This sunny and joyful colour is sure to light up everyone’s emotions. Bringing up this colour trend credit goes to Dries Yan Noten who came with large collection of this colour either using it monochromatically or with flower like prints with black or white.

3.) Lapis Blue: Moving from classic navy blue to strong and more confident blue, yes you guessed it right Lapis Blue. It is the natural shade of stone lapis lazuli, so this summer 2017 blue shade is standing on the third position. In almost all maps fashion houses like Escoda, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton lapis blue stole the hearts of many people.

4.) Flame Red based orange: Another colour ready to steal the show is red based orange colour between red and orange. This beautiful colour brings much love, fun and vibrant emotions. You can wear it alone or team it up with neutral shade wonderfully. Many fashion designers like Christian Siriano, Oscar De La Renta and Tory Burch came up with wonderful dresses with this colour.

5.) Aqua Blue – Paradise of the island: Standing on 5th position is Aqua blue that reminds us of a wonderful island. This is a very powerful and refreshing blue shade with minor green tones that is likely to rock in the fashion industry this summer 2017. Fashion gurus like Lela Rose, Monique Lhuillier and Emilio Pucci used this beautiful colour in their recent collections.

6.) Pale Dogwood Pink: Pantone colour institute aptly included this peaceful shade of neutral pink as charming as flower, a symbol of purity and innocence. When used in monochromatic dresses from New York fashion show to Paris, London and Milan this soft and lovely colour rocked the show.

7.)  Greenery: On 7th position is colour greenery, a yellow-green shade and as per the Pantone institute this colour sparks in us the need to explore, experiment and a healthy lifestyle. Credit for the appearance of this shade goes to Zac Posen who experimented with this colour in New York fashion week 2017.

8.) Pink Yarrow: After dogwood pink, this summer another shade of 2017 that is pink yarrow at 8th position in the Pantone’s list colour trends. Pink Yarrow is the colour just close to magenta has been aptly termed as an attention seeking colour as it is a quite bold and rich colour. Fashion gurus like Zac Posen and Hermes used this colour in their styles.

9.) Kale: At 9th position comes another green colour which represents nature, an army shade which is the ideal colour for casual wear dresses. As was expected most of fashion houses and gurus experimented nicely with this colour in dresses, Jackets and trench coats as well as evening dresses.

10.) Hazelnut: Last but not the least, the most versatile colour that goes along well with all colours is the hazelnut. It is a nice earthy, neutral colour one tone lighter than natural hazelnut colour but warm and gentle both. Yet royal colour having lots of elegance. This colour stole the attention of many people.

Apart from these wonder shades that are going to rock this summer 2017 other colours like metallic silver, ethereal white, timeless black, all shades of pink, beautiful red, cognac flavors and sweet purple are also quite ready to steal everyone’s attention this summer 2017. Get ready for the colour revolution this summer.

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