Though today dresses and gowns have replaced a huge part of casual clothing,  the comfort and style of denims can never be ignored.  Denims are an integral part of everyone’s clothing irrespective of their age, location, weather or profession.

Denims and jeans needs no introduction. But let us look into a little bit of its history.

Jeans were invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873 . Jeans are named after the city of Genoa in Italy, a place where cotton corduroy, called either jean or jeane, was manufactured. Denim has been used in the United States since the mid 19th century. Denim initially gained popularity in 1873 when Jacob W. Davis, a tailor from Nevada, manufactured the first pair of rivet-reinforced denim pants. He later on collaborated with Levi Strauss & Co. that had been supplying Davis with bolts of denim fabric. And such it grew popular all over.

Denims are not only  comfortable and stylish, but also the most convenient form of clothing in the world. Denims can be worn without washing for days together, and that is the biggest USP of the fabric.

Let’s look at the forms of jeans and denim clothing popular among the masses today. Each different type of denims has a distinctive style statement. Starting from simple looks to a high range of its design, denims have innumerable style to boast of. Ripped, patch work, printed, black, burnt etc.


The very first and the most basic denim is jeans. It needs no introduction. I think Everyone has at  least one pair of  Jeans  with them. It comes in varied styles, High waist jeans, low waist jeans, Jeggings, skin fit, flared, bottoms. etc. Jeans are basic clothing. A casual top with a pair of jeans can add the style quotient in all manner.  The plus point is it comes in unexplainable number of sizes, even for a kid aged hardly 2 or for an old man of 70, everyone’s favourite.


Dungarees are my favourite type of denims. In childhood, I was termed as the cutest child in the house, when I came out wearing dungarees, and I call it a chilled out wear. Coupling it with crop tops and ripped tops, it’s still today looks the coolest. Dungarees have a lot of colour variants in them. But the washed out, blue denims have its own stylist charm.


If you want to look chic with a dignity, this is the perfect piece of clothing to wear. Official parties, beach meetings or casual get togethers. Capris have a long way to go. Pairing Capris with casual T-shirt and crop tops gives an extra oomph to the attire. Shrugs and jackets with capris are a complete win for a more relaxed occasion. Denim shorts are also something that never goes out of fashion.


Denim jackets are the one which can steal the show anywhere and anytime. Whether it is sleeveless or full sleeves, they always save us from what-to-wear problem. Pair it with jeans, casual, skirts, or even shorts. White plain top looks best with denim jackets. Jackets comes in assorted styles, patterns and look. Some are rugged to give an edgy feel, and some are sophisticated with buttons and chain but each one has the ability to raise your style quotient. Jackets also looks good on dresses and an be worn in winters as well as other seasons.


Boots are very special. But if it has denim it is a total win. A denim boots is rarely worn but when someone takes the plunge, its totally worth. It is not only comfortable than the normal leather boots, it is also moderate in warmth. Denim Boots are best for peppy style and travelling with all sorts of clothing.

Shirts and dresses

The denims have climbed a notch higher with a complete outfit nowadays. We have denim dresses today. And boy!! It breaks every norm. From short to long length and from plain to off shoulder. Denim dress has every style engulfed in a single fabric. Its chic, cool , trendy and super hot. Perfect for any occasion.

Girls throw out your cargos’ and ruffles, the king of all: denim is here…

Happy Shopping…..;)




Finally, this year too passed to make way for  2018. It is quite surprising, how the year 2017 passed in a blink of an eye. The season changed, people changed and so did the fashion. There are some really cool trends that were and are going to take the fashion by storm in the coming year.

Though fashion has no definition as fashion is different for everybody. But there are some trends which are followed by everyone when it hits the market. Let’s take a look at the trends that may allure the masses to follow them in  2018.

Monochrome– While I was surfing the net for the outfit I should opt for the new year party, the designer which caught my attention was Max Mara with the monochrome style. That is; one color  all over.  I really liked different styles in different shades of red, green and pink to start with. I am certain that you can pick it up without doubt for all the parties you are going to attend. P.S. I also came across the same trends in Paris and New York Fashion Week.

Designers like Mam Mara presented monochrome in Milan Fashion Week

Shimmer/ sequins – Shimmer and sequins were started as patch work to give various outfits a type of party look. But rapidly, it attracted designers to prepare overalls with it. Today it is ruling the fashion world. Sequins and shimmer are the first choices in parties and clubs, but it’s also a good option for functions and beach hangouts. I had bought few sequined dresses in the apprehensions that It may not be in trend the next year and so Ill flaunt it as much as I can now. You never know it may vanish from the stores next year. But no, the stores are still decked up with all sorts of sequins; skirts, dresses, tops, jackets, and whatnot. This is really going to transform the wardrobes in coming months. Sequins were raging trends in the designers choice in Paris and New York fashion week.

New York fashion week

Black and white –  There is no color other than black when it comes to choosing an outfit. But the fashion is spiced up when we have the combination of white with it. The Dalmatians, the chess and piano, all in a combination of black and white looks splendid. Though it is the style that is prevalent since ages, the time has not yet arrived for it to go away  and it will walk proudly amongst the fashion trends in 2018 as well.

               By Krizia

Leaving it bare –  A very strange and rather bold trend that I came across was bare dressing. Outfit with sheer material with complete transparency .  Designer Missoni presented it in the Milan fashion week and  we must admit , rather sophistically. You should go and check the designs from New York Fashion week as well.

Fringes – I bought a fringe top in February last year for a hefty price. I was thrashed by mum saying that it going to be out of fashion soon. She didn’t know that the top designers wont let it happen this year. Fringes are coolest fashion theme and they are no where going out. Be it 2017 or 2018, fringes are there to make you feel lively and cool. Some of the creations of designers like  Jil Slander had fringes all over in the Milan fashion week.

By Vionnet In Milan fashion week

Pastel  – The only fashion trend that has been in vogue since decades and even since our parents times are pastels. Hues of pink, purple and white, pastels are a must for every wardrobe. The coming year is also going to  see a lots of pastels outfits flooding the markets. Versace has beautifully roped in pastels in his designs in the Milan fashion week. You can also look out for outfits in pastels from J W creations from London Fashion week.

By  J.W.Anderson during London Fashion Week 

Christmas is here.. With carols, sweets, gifts and everything merry. It’s the time of the year when we have friends to meet, parties to attend and celebrations all around. The malls are all decked up with decorations, Santas and Christmas trees. It’s  lovely all around.

I am invited to lots of parties and in one I caught hold of an innovative theme as dress code. The Christmas fancy dress. At first I was really flummoxed about the dress I would wear but then I shook my head a little, took a pen and paper and ta da.. I am here with some unique fancy dress ideas.

So the concept is, every person attending the celebration will have to look like one of the Christmas element, character or part. It can be Christmas tree, Santa Claus or even a  reindeer.( Jesus and mother Mary are also allowed) But it’s  not any ordinary fancy dress and you need to look party ready. Tricky right? let us see.

Snowman – Snow is the precursor to Christmas and can definitely find a place in this list. To begin with, what is needed to be a snowman?? Nothing.  A jumpsuit can do the work, but yes white in color 😉 . If in case jumpsuit is not your type, you can also opt for white ball gown (that would really make you look like a snowman. So to complete the snowman look , you can add  accessories in black to your outfit. Black purse, black heels and black hat. A Smokey make up will complete the look.

The loveliest character, Santa Claus –  It can be little tricky to look like Santa Claus without Santa Claus Costume( Santa costume is the most obvious choice of course. ) But we have other options as well. Like wearing a  round fluffy ball gown in red. A flowy red gown would also do with white flowers. A pinch of white here and there would be best. Pair it with pearl jewellery, white scarf and white heels. Okay, I accept you won’t actually look like a santa, But you can act like one. Pair it with a red-white purse and fill it with as much as sweets you can collect…Yes, a Santa cap would be best … Ho..Ho..Ho..

Christmas tree –  A question. How to identify Christmas festival?? By a Christmas tree. I am not going to advice you to wear leaves and toys to look like a Christmas tree, trust me, its much easier and convenient.  We need  a bottle green blouse. That can be sweatshirt, hoodie, a sweater, a top or a blouse; any one would go. Try finding if it has something like  snow, or Christmas tree, etc. on it . The color bottle green will suit best. You can pair it with brown, caramel coloured palazzo, or pants or fish cut skirt as well. To add to the touch we will need the help of accessories. Dig out all your bling accessories. The shiny bracelet, the multi-coloured necklace and earrings which are dangling with balls or stars or anything decorative. What is  remaining ? yes, a star hair clip will complete the look.

Reindeer– . Okay, this is a little weird. But come on, reindeer is an important part of the Christmas.  For a reindeer look,  Suits would be best . A business look but in an amusing way. Choose a brown colored suit with ankle length trouser and black stiletto. Of course you can not paint your nose red, but can paint your lips!! Choose a red lipstick and  pink eye make. To be a little like the animal one can add reindeer accessories like ear studs, and hairband..

lights n bling – And lastly for the whole mood of the Christmas. The decoration and the lightning, bling and shine. The Christmas festival is incomplete without lights and merriment.  A sequined dress is perfect for this. A simple sequined dress, that can be silver or golden or red or green . Any one you like. This will be perfect for the mood without any one having trouble in guessing. You are the essence of the party. You can pair it with a stole which is somewhat a less shiny and right amount of makeup. Again a high stiletto would complete the look . Be the shine !!


Wish you all Merry Christmas from the entire SignatureWeaves family….

I eagerly wait for Christmas. It is one of my favourite time of the year. With all the bling and shine, happiness and laughter the surroundings become super lively and exciting.

The festival sometimes troubles me too, that when I have to choose the dresses. In today’s digital world where every event is safely preserved in photographs and regularly  posted in the social media, we tend not to repeat our dresses. I have a huge friend circle. Everyone hosts Christmas parties and naturally I attend all. Sometimes I feel shy to share the same type of outfit, leave alone the same one.

While I had a chat with some of my girl friends I realized0 they face the same problem . So I have come up with a small ..umm… you can say.. list of different outfits you can wear this Christmas. These are different, comfortable and extremely attractive.

Skirt with blouse :- You are going to the first event of the Christmas, the midnight mass. You cannot overdo the dressing, and neither can you look a little less. To take you out of this mess, skirts are there. Ankle length skirts in bright colors are the best for such occasion. Choose the skirt in light colors like white, Baby pink or teal. The blouse you choose can be dark coloured. Actually it would be good if colors like, maroon, black and dark blue are topped with such skirts. It will help highlight the glow to the face and supplement the merry ambience of the church inside.

You can always experiment with colors..

A sober maxi – Maxi are never out of fashion. Chic, fashionable, comfortable and simple. It caters to all the categories. Maxi is also a perfect outfit idea for a church mass or a midnight Christmas dinner. The knee length maxi will help you from freezing and will add to your sparkle . The colors can be dark to light as per the accessories you choose. I prefer black . It sparkles amidst the lights, decoration and the merriment.

Jumpsuit– I love the  very concept of jumpsuits. It is stress free in terms of  matching the colors of bottoms with top. You can wear whatever you like with a jumpsuit while experimenting with the accessories. Jumpsuits are super comfortable and can be carried off effortlessly. I have included the jumpsuit for such merry picnic parties here. The jumpsuit would match the mood of the festival. Merry, carefree, holidays and casual. Jumpsuits look both casual and stylist as you wear it. And regarding patterns and colors, Wine and coral colors are in trend. It will help you steal the shine.

A trendy jumpsuit…

Gown – A date party or a family dinner out, gowns are best for it. For Christmas, when we are celebrating the happiness with candles and Santa caps, gown is my favourite. It is best to wear it in a dinner date or a friends outing, which has a lots of pictures and updates and excitement. Try red color for the gown. You will look Christmas ready instantly.

Sequined dress– What is a celebration without some bling, shine and glitter. The sky is lit with stars and the earth with the bright festival lights. There is no reason why we don’t follow the line. Take that sequined dress out which you have reserved for clubs. There are more occasion to it. Pair the sequin dress with a fur scarf and you will look hot in the chilly winters. The dress can be knee length or ankle length. The length won’t matter . We can always experiment with the pattern.

      The glittery you.

LBD – A little black dress is perfect for any occasion, any theme and any season. But because it’s a Christmas party , you can pair it with red hat or red head gear and a long pair of boots. Who said Santa cannot dress in black. Take a big handbag and go on ho.. ho.. ho…


Merry Christmas!!!

The winters are around the corner and have almost knocked our doors. Along with ample veggies and snow and pleasant weather winters are liked for the trendy woollens it gives us to  wear and flaunt. No hesitation of belly fat or tanned skin. The best cover up for all physique and skin problems.

Though we are troubled less about choosing the outfits in winters, they are still lots of options to choose from. There are variety of different jackets and shrugs and cardigan and pullovers you can flaunt this winters. There have been some really cool stuff that has come up with a fresh look.

Let’s take a look at the new trends and pairing that can be tried this winters.

Cardigan – My mother used to wear cardigans in her times, coz I don’t think the jackets and wind sheeters existed that time. But whenever she asked me to buy one, I always refused saying that those are a bunch of old fashion woollens and I don’t want them but todays those same cardigans are back in fashion and how!. With new prints, cuts and designs which adds an oomph to my dressing. The various different styles help it to go with any type of dresses whether it is jeans or maxis. It can be paired with anything.

                Cardigan with a twist

Ponchos- The one piece of woollen that fantasized me since childhood is the ponchos, it is extremely comfortable, too trendy and very cute. I used to run around the whole house wearing it acting alike an angle with wings. Todays those ponchos are much more fashionable, beautiful and trendy. You can carry it off with any outfit with the benefit of its warmth.


A Poncho saves from all dressing woes in winter!!

Shrugs– The best part about winter dressing is you need not spend much on the clothes if you love shopping for the woollens. The blouse you are wearing is crushed, wear a shrug. You are having a lazy afternoon and your mum asks you to fetch some vegetables, no worries, shrug will save the pain from getting inside presentable clothes. Shrug the saviour!  Shrugs are cool in summers, but for winters woollen shrugs are the best. Long or short whatever it is, they  sincerely play their part of beautifying any outfit with zero efforts. Shrugs goes with dresses, jeans and skirts. Collect as many colors as you can this winters!

Long length blazers – Pullovers and jackets are a thing of the past. what is trending hot this season is, long blazers and hoodies. Hoodies looks quite cute and trendy. They are comfortable and girls’ favourite. A matching combination of jeans and boots adds to it,  a  sexy touch.

Long blazers are a hot trend in this season. Whether it is  jeans or dresses, long blazers adds an extra oomph, irrespective of the combination  of dresses we choose.  Not only does it give a sophisticated look but also is very fashionable. It is available in number of interesting patterns and style and if you are lucky enough it hides the extra fat on your body too 😉

A blazer can be used as a LBD anytime.!

Wind sheeters and vests –  Whenever I visited my granny’s house, which was comparatively more colder than my place, my mom used to dress me like a sack of clothes stuffed from top to bottom. Wooleen inners, with two pullovers, then sweaters and then jackets. I used to be the most funny person alive walking like a woollen bundle all around. Gradually I realized I have a better options and those are wind sheeters.

Wind sheeters and vests are quite light weighted, trendy and warm. They come in attractive colors and can be paired with matching outfits. the color of the jeans can be co-ordinated with the vests while pairing accessories to add the extra touch. Wind sheeters are my favourite because the absence of wool in its exterior does not frizz my hair as other woollen garment does and is convenient for travelling.

Dressing up in woollens are not at all boring, if we are ready to shift our tastes and modify the dresses combination a little.

So get going

Happy shopping!!

Happy Winters!!

The festivals are the best time to catch up with our loved ones; our family members, the extended relatives and friends. It is lovely listening to them, knowing about each other’s life and of course sharing love and comfort. Thanksgiving is one  such terrific festival which is celebrated with lots of warmth and love. Interestingly, it has  feeling of gratitude and love even in its name.

We have  great get-together at our home for the thanksgiving festival, filled with all sorts of fun, merriment and enjoyment with the family. As  lots of people are present, I often ( I am sure you must too,)come across the problem of choosing the perfect dress. Often I host the party and think upon the theme on which I can base the party . Few days earlier I came across some different ideas for the party theme related to the attires when can be flaunted while  attending the party. Lets take a look.

Fancy dress – Why not test your creativity by having a  fancy dress party?. It won’t be a competition and neither it would be Halloween dressing. The object is dressing up as someone who is famous in the city or country or  the world. Trying as much similarity  with them and then looking how many celebrities look alike  can be found in a single place. It would be lots of fun to see our loved ones in different attires.

Imitating the one– Now this is  really interesting and specially for a family and close knit gathering. Each one has to choose and dress up like another member of the family/ friends. For example, I can dress like my grandmother and she can dress like me. We can take each others clothes and accessories and experiment. The objective is to look  like the chosen one as much as we can. The person with the best resemblance will be  the shine of the party. It will indeed be a fun activity to do. At the end a family photograph will complete the evening.

Wearing the favourite one – It is said that there is no definite way of expressing your love to the person you love. Every person has a cherished and invaluable thing which has been  gifted to them  by their loved one. Why not thank that special one for the gift on this Thanksgiving? My mother gave me her ring on my 20th birthday. That is the gift I love and cherish for ever. Many of your family members must have received such gifts in some point of their time. So bring out all those treasures, dig all your hidden closets and  wear to the party that valuable gift. Everyone will be coming with their treasures, among the friends and family and the love that will follow further cannot be imagined.

Color scheme – Colors twinning is always the best and convenient theme for any occasion. You have to decide a theme color for the party wherein the guest have to abide by the color scheme. They have an option to either dress completely in that color scheme or can have the privilege to adorn at least a cloth of that color. And yes scarfs, headgear and accessories of that color are allowed. You should have one pinch and blink of that color somewhere on the dress you are wearing.

The turkey connection – Turkey is naturally a beautiful bird, with its huge fan like feathers and red beak. Turkey is also the main ingredient of a thanksgiving dinner. We can very well include it in our fashion too. An interesting theme therefore for the attire can be remnants of turkey bird. There should be a glimpse  of the bird in whatever dress we are wearing. Whether it is the beak like accessory or feather on the dress or the color combination resembling the bird. The goal is to feel like there is a hint of the bird appearances in everybody’s dress.

Festivals are a very good event to experiment and try out new combinations in terms of dressing and looks.  What is better than this thanksgiving by spreading love and having fun with the closed ones, where you can be you..

Enjoy your day!!

Happy Thanksgiving .

Halloween is that time of the year when the world gets spooky and the environment scary. The darker shades are everywhere, and red is the new black. A  festival of spooky costumes, pumpkin lanterns and candies.

The most amazing and interesting part of this festival is getting the chance to dress in Halloween costumes. We apply our brains, use our creativity and try our best to look the perfect scary character in the Halloween party.!

What if,  we can get a ready inspiration from somewhere? Like the ubiquitous cinema. We have had some really scary characters on our silver screens, characters that have scared the hell out of us. So why not take inspiration from these to do the same for others.?

Yes, you got it right.! I am going to list down some iconic characters from the cinema world who you can dress like in the next Halloween party.


I don’t think anybody needs any introduction for this. Anyone who is even not interested in the horror movies, knows about this doll, which looks really chilling.  The attire is simple and convenient, but yes with appropriate makeup and styling, is scary as hell. A simple frock, two ribbon and school plaits. This is all you need.


How about a character like Penny wise from Stephen King’s It?. He is extremely scary and his attire is out of the league. A frill scarf, an oversized overcoat and gloves to compliment it. Who can think, a clown can frighten anyone. But he does. Th weirdness of the attire makes him scary I think, but as far as it helps us, Its good.

Super woman

let’s jest your spirits with little boost and energy. Turn into a wonder woman. Wonder woman is  an icon that is very  inspiring and motivational. To fight all odds and stand  for the right. Why not reflect it in our dressing as well?

A short dress with metallic accessories and flowing hairs. Your neglected brown boots would come in handy this time and so will the broad hairband that was a trend long before. Don’t forget the sword. Slay the party wonder woman.!

Harley Quinn

How about Harley Quinn from suicide squad? She is sociopath and yet chic and trendy. The colourful hairs and matching bands makes her more appealing. The interesting part is dressing like her is as effortless as a casual lookout. A mini shorts with a splash of colors. Your T shirt which you must have dump in some corner because it had holes and ofcourse a jacket. It would be so hilarious to see oneself in the mirror like this. Scary  and yet trendy character to boast of.  A baseball  bat would enhance the look. (P.S. you would look much younger too)

The beguiled costumes

I agree it won’t feel scary or out of the box, but it certainly reminds of the white dressed ghosts we heard stories about, in our childhood. The ghost who are characterised by their white attires and translucent costumes flying overhead in nights . What you need is picking up a white tunic paired with sky blue or white top and open hairs. The minimalist dress for a awesome costume party.

Cruella de Vil

how about a blast from the past. 101 Dalmatians was one of my favourite movies and what fascinated me about it, was the costume the lady, the villain Cruella de Vil wore ( minus the dalmatians’ skin). All long and royal. Last week I was wondering about the Halloween dress I should  adorn for this year and this is what came to my mind. Dress up like Cruella de vil, without the cruel heart . It would look lovely, scary and royal.

A black long  gown, a small chopstick( made to look like a cigar) and off course a fur coat. One can experiment with the short hairs as well.  Your favourite red heels and  the gloves. I think this is going to be a amazing costume you can adorn.

Experimenting is the key!

Happy Halloween!!

Accessories are something every girl drools over. The trendier the dress, the better should be the accessories; is a girl’s demand.  The best thing about accessories are, it suits to all type of women irrespective of their age and skin color. As a matter of fact there is no limit in experimenting in accessorizing to increase the look of any outfit you wear.

We did see a couple of accessories to pep up our outfit in the last post . And so the second part to transform a boring attire to a funky sexy one is here.

Accessories… II

Pearl jewellery – If diamonds are girl’s best friend, pearls are diva’s best friends. Pearls go great with any type of outfit. Whether it is a gown or knee length one piece, or be it  a formal blazer with trouser . Bold pearl necklaces and studs makes a fashion statement. For young girls, on a casual dress too. Pearl tops and pearl hairbands makes a good accessory aid for their casual jumpsuits and dungarees.

Or by any chance if you are smitten by the Bollywood trend, try a monochrome saree with pearl neck piece and you will be the talk of the party I can promise.

Hand cuffs/bracelets. – Hand accessories are very useful, if your dress is sans glitters and sparkles. In such case bracelets and hand bands comes in aid. There are number of interesting wrist bands and bracelets to really enhance the look of any outfit. There are also innumerable styles to choose from,  depending  from the style of clothes you are wearing , to the occasion or  the mood and also for  the weather .

The metal bracelets (ranging from size, to boldness, to colors) are for sexy outfit which covers the whole wrists. It’s for the party time, with sexy LBD and disco night. The silver one, with trinkets are for the romantic dates,that looks delicate on your slender wrists and goes with the lovely gesture of holding hands. The braid leather ones are for the picnic and hangouts, which looks funky and trendy with jeans, shorts and shoes.

Rings. – Funky rings are my all-time favourite. Rings gives the liberty to bring a style to your fingers. It gives a punch to the boring and bare hands.

In jeans and casual outings, animal pattern and big rings with a golden touch suits the best. If you are adventurous enough try lizards, or snakes coiling up your fingers in attractive patterns.

The nude pearl rings also look good with casual outings. If you are going with monochrome gowns, bold big shapes will suit best. As in a sphere lined with platinum or square diamond.

If you are daring enough to set a trend why not try double finger rings. Double set fingers sets simultaneously in two or three fingers.

Belts – Believe me, belts are ultimate saviours. You jeans is lose? tie a belt. The dress is not as fit as you wanted, tie a belt on the waist and pull the fabric a little, problem solved. Want a corporate look.  In shirt your branded shirt and enhance the look with a broad belt, you are fun to go.

Belts also come in handy in fixing attire problems. The shrug you love is too silken to stay in place. Just wrap a belt over draping the shrug and it won’t shift an inch.

A little bit of thoughtfulness will bring a lots of oomph factor to any ordinary dress with belts.

Purses– Today purses are no longer an accessory to contain the stuffs, but a method to compliment the dress. Bags, ranging from double the sizes, to crystal slings, does the same work, enhancing the style quotient.  Everything is in trend and rocking. Just pick your favourite and rule the world.

Accessories does creates a major impact on the overall dressing. Along with complimenting the dresses it also hides the flaws of the attires and style. What is required is a little confidence to carry it.

And once you are perfect enough! You are ready to roll…

Good outfits are great to spice up the fashion quotient in us. The uncanny designs, the weird styles and the contradictory combinations. If we look at them, they pretty sum up to be a scene of perfect fashion sense.

Sometimes, how hard we try, we fail at getting that perfect piece of dress which we have in our mind since days together, which we have seen somewhere and might have thought, would look on us perfect.  We often come across that craving of wearing a similar or  a different form of it; and when we fail to find so, our mood spoils!

So what do we do? Lose hope of getting a trendy dress and slaying in it, in the next party? Or just get contended with the same old off shoulder gown? What do we do…

The answer is we accessories!!..

In  the world of fashion and  style where every experiment turns into a new trend, gradually followed by everyone around, there is no losing hope. Because apart from that one dress you are running behind, there is always something else more better and off course attractive waiting out there. All you need is paying a little attention.

As impromptu party plans juice up our dull lives, the same work is done by our beloved accessories in our fashion styles.

Let’s take a look on the ways we can use the accessories to shine!.

Colarpins – Casual  shirts looks so trendy when paired with  jeans and skirts, and the best part is, it is  super comfortable.  A White shirt paired with ripped jeans and just a little kohl and you are ready to step out!!.

But if you are onto something special, sometimes little spicing is needed. Collar clips and broches are a good way to add some zinc into our attires. Immediately it changes the boring Tees to a better trendy one . Signature Weaves  have a superb collection of comfortable yet stylish Tees and shirts, which you can accessorize with such collar pins.

A sweet little pendant and neck pieces –  Accessories are girls’ best friend.  When it comes to flaunting your sexy collar bone, there is nothing better than neck pieces and cute pendants. We can always pick different kinds  of those according to the dresses and occasions. I love to team up small cute pendants on casual basis on t shirts and dresses. Whereas, on a party outfit, whether it is a crop top or even a simple off shoulder dress, a long chain with a funky pendant saves the day.


Go wild with ear cuffs. – Don’t have a good dress to rock the party? No worries grab the admiring attention on your face and I swear no one will notice your not-so sexy outfit. Earrings surely have the quality of grabbing attention when it comes to accessorizing. Whether it is loops or studs, they perfectly compliment the tone of the outfit. And the hot trend  this season is unusual ear cuffs. These are new in trend and super sexy. Covering through the while ear, it  pumps up a lot of confidence onto your face. And if you choose stone ear cuffs, there is no need for any other ornaments, it alone can conquer the army.

Want to try something unconventional- flaunt your back – Taking inspiration from Cara Delevingne from Cannes Film Festival 2014, try wearing your neck pieces and pendants from back to front. Not only will it hold people’s attention but would look good both ways. An evening party and a deep neck dress is apt for such look.

Scarfs rules the day– Scarfs are a miracle. I wonder how a small piece of clothing just transforms my whole look. whether it is a head scarf, a bandana, a long scarf around the neck or a stole tied around the waist, it really saves the day. The best part is, it can solve and correct all clothing discrepancies as well. Your tummy is peeping out.?  Tie a stole around the waist loosely while spreading its pleats around the stomach. Or your top is too deep, just twist the scarf around your neck a little and it becomes a style statement. If nothing, a contrast color scarf properly wrapped around the neck , gives a major fashion goal. Setting trends with only a scarf ?

A good outfit, definitely makes you look good, but when you compliment it with accessories, you look confident. Pull out all your boring clothes and just Accessorize up..

Good luck!

Experts say that colors have a significant impact on a person’s life. On his behaviour, habits, mood and nature. It is said that on a sunny day, if you wear bright colored clothes, you are more tend to be cheerful and happy. Similarily a dark shade on a sad or unfortunate day adds to the melancholy of the situation. I have also heard my elders say that we should not wear dark colors on auspicious days. Is it justified? Nay!

Colors undoubtedly have a substantial impact on a person’s life, but when we are talking about clothes, fashion and attires, what is more important is, our attitude. Is it not?. Then it does not matter if the shade of the green is light or ultra-dark, we can always shine.

Dark colors have a different charm in the fashion world. Not only the evergreen black which is the king of all colors when it comes to clothing, many other dark and not so bright colors can steal the show.

The winters are round the corner and so are the changing clothing styles. It would not be very far when the clothing stores would start refilling from the winter collections, comprising of scarfs, boots, jackets and pullovers. The mufflers would replace scarfs and heels would move aside to make way for furry boots and shoes. The printed jumpsuit would have to go back in the closet so that the pullovers and sweater can breathe in that space.

Like the summers demands bright evergreen primary colors, the winters tend to walk the opposite way. Where we pick up shades like green , yellow and orange in the scorching sun, our conscience automatically goes behind dark green, maroon and black in the freezing winters.

And believe me, every one of it has its own beauty.

Let’s us look into the different shades which we can pick up this winter to look stylist while being comfortable and cozy.

Black – Black is my first love. A wise man once quoted  ‘if you are in doubt wear black.  Though it cannot be reserved for the winters alone, but wearing a long black  jacket with black boots makes one look  attractive like  anything. Black is the one stop solution to any fashion woe. Have nothing to wear in an office party? Adorn a long  black pullover, pair it  with gladiator shoes, and a hint of red lipstick. You are ready to rock the party. Black is my all time favourite for any season, any dress and any occasion . The best part about this color is, that it makes a heavy body seems slim and vice versa.

Maroon and olive greens- I also love the darker shades of the pretty summer shades in the winter , It’s like gives me a sense of greater comfort and confidence. When your face is all covered up in the freezing cold the contrasts of such darker shades enhances the face glow it seems.

A maroon pullover and black jeans or slacks is the best combination for a casual meet. Or a olive green overcoat to pair up with a lighter shade blouse, underneath.

Royal blue- After red comes the royal blue, exciting itself by the name. Royal blue is a very eye-catching color. Mostly on the jackets, overcoats and sweaters. It has the magic to turn a dull attire into a very impressive and attractive one. Royal blue / blue or deep indigo gives a rich touch to any combination we wear . Whether it is pullovers, sweaters or an overcoat. We can also experiment with royal blue in footwears. A black outfit with a royal blue boots or pastel outfit with a royal blue muffler can turn the mood around.

Not only it is too cosy , but also all stylish and bundles up.

Grey- And then comes the grey. Grey is the ultimate color of the winters. Matching with the sky, weather and the melancholy of the winters. I like grey because it compliments the lighter shade of the face and darker tint of makeup. It gets along good with the jeans and the pants. It looks warm and comfortable as it is. And so the obvious choice in winters is grey shades.

There are no season for colors, but yet dark colors goes well with the winters as it absorbs sun rays.

Pick up your bags and let’s do some ‘dark’ shopping…  🙂 ?

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